Should The Mamba Be Consulted?

A few games back the LA Lakers suffered their worst loss in the history of the franchise. Whilst no one likely wishes to be reminded of it due to the not so attractive margin of said loss, it unfortunately was an indicator that this team has a lot of strides to make. Even though the standings reveal slightly sexier numbers than what was surveyed last year at this exact interval, a defeat along those lines signals something that is of great concern. It really was an eyebrow raiser to convey the very least.

It would feasibly be worth forgetting about if not for the pace they are going at. Yes, thankfully, there have not been a whole lot of blowouts this year in comparison to last year. That element has been admittedly promising to some degree. Nonetheless, in the world of sports, “morale” victories really have no validity. A team does not earn, let’s say, 0.5 wins for trying.

The facts are unchangeable. The team has now lost 24 of their last 30 contests. It is plain and simple. There are multiple reasons for this, and disseminating a laundry list would only take up space. It thereby makes one wonder if additional help is needed in order for them to steer clear of the cellar in the Western Conference.

Some fans out there have been urging for the higher ups to potentially make a move or two to immediately bolster the roster not only in the short run, but for the long haul. Granted doing do would maybe result in a few more W’s, GM Mitch Kupchak has voiced that he is uninterested in trading any piece from the young core (which are, in all likelihood, the only desirable, marketable assets on this Lakers’ roster). The salaries of veteran players like Luol Deng and Timofey Mozgov are more challenging for other teams to reconcile with as it is, and an individual like Nick Young is known for his hot/cold shooting streaks.

However, recent rumors that have surfaced insinuate another partial solution may be on the horizon, even if it is not necessarily immediate. The Lakers, in fact, would not need to sacrifice anything substantial aside from their eardrums.

5-time world champion Kobe Bryant recently branched out to the Buss family and the rest of the organization to inform them of his relentless commitment to the franchise’s future success. Even though he was candid in terms of admitting that he would be quite uninterested in front office type work, he seemed to declare that even in retiring from the game, he can be contacted anytime. This is encouraging to know by virtue of his newly discovered passion for content creation/storytelling. It exemplifies that a vestige of him remains connected to the game he played for so, so many years.

This immediately raises the interesting question: should the Mamba’s extension be taken seriously, or, on the other hand, casually shoved off for the lack of a better word? The truth is—well, there is no real, authentic answer.

As the basketball community ascertains, Kobe possesses a competitive zeal that is unmatched. It is a zeal that Mr. Webster himself would not be able to sufficiently define. That could very well be why Bryant decided to speak up. He may want to light a fire, so to speak, within this group because that is more or less how his DNA operates. That is nothing more than an incipient theory; however, it is logical to presume that this is partially why Bryant wants to offer a hand. Clearly, there are upsides and downsides to that.

Although it is undoubtedly true that the Lakers’ all-time leading scorer means well, Luke Walton did not hesitate when it came to describing his former teammate when recently interviewed. The coach suggested that Vino’s “tough love” could perhaps serve as a miniature detriment in lieu of it being an antidote to the trending woes. Walton’s assessment is right on the money, surely enough, and anyone who is even remotely familiar with Kobe would be able to concur. Bryant is not afraid to get in the face of anybody, and generally tells it like it is (even if, let’s say, the word choice he uses is wholeheartedly demeaning).


There is a decent probability that his presence would demoralize some of the players on this roster. It is possible for the reason that very few assets have been in the NBA for more than a couple years. Thus, their understanding and feel for the game is just not the same. Needless to say, too, Kobe is Kobe. When arguably the best Laker of all-time is mulled over, the imbued expectations are at another tier. That’s just who he is, and his unbreakable thirst for everyone to play at their maximum potential is an ingredient that may not bode all too well with this particular recipe. On the other hand, let’s think this over a bit more thoroughly.

In spite of this, a middle ground of sorts could be worth pursuing at some point down the line, even if it occurs in the offseason. Kobe’s impeccable work ethic in itself could be enough to turn the ship around, for such habits are harder to come by in this day and age. Playing a role as a mentor in that regard may be worth consideration (albeit it’s an opinion and maybe wishful thinking on end of the line).

It could entail having occasional workouts with the youngsters in particular. It could be a matter of informing them of how to best handle their daily diet to therefore ensure prolonged health and success. Moreover, it could encapsulate working with some of the guys after practice on the fundamentals of the game and how to properly navigate through those. For instance, when Kobe’s footwork is thought about, it is germane to contend that his is among the best.

With that kind of information in mind, right now may not be the absolute strongest time to lure in Bryant. That is a fair posture to stick to. Notwithstanding the fact that the league (surprisingly) saw a semi softer side to Kobe in his 20th campaign, his natural demeanor is the furthest thing from that. Certainly, his alpha dog, gym rat style says enough, yet it is also why the idea should not be completely shredded. This is the kind of once-in-a-generation athlete that would perhaps take a week or two off after the conclusion of a season and then get straight back to training his body again. He is one of those special treasures. Such treasures are not found around every street corner. Consequently, while it’s an offer that should not be pounced on per se, is an offer that should not be handled mildly.


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