Hey dudes and dudettes,

My name is James Francuz and I currently reside in Orange County, California. I am a recent graduate of Hope International University’s English program, earning Cum Laude in the grand scheme of it all. Granted I came to the institution as a lowly, lanky teenager who honestly did not have any clue as to what to do with his life, it is now plausible to assert precisely the opposite vibe. The multifarious technicalities of the English language continually amazed me more and more as time went on, so choosing a field like English thereby made sense. It took a leap of faith given that those first few semesters were spent in that “undeclared” realm, surely enough, and it is one that was worth it.

My developing knack in English eventually spurred me to want to apply what I had been learning in the classroom from my brilliant assortment of professors. There came a stage when it was no longer reasonable to be stuck in the shadows. In my final semester of college, I fortunately accrued a staff writing position for my college’s newspaper. It was an awesome experience to impart the very least and is something that will never be forgotten on this end of the line.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned truth relevant to my interest in this subject matter, one thing about me that is every bit as fair to claim is a heightened love for sports. Albeit I cannot fancily dunk the rock like Dr. J or throw dimes with the pizzazz of Magic Johnson, sports (most notably basketball) are essentially in my blood. Without them, life would be… well, let’s just say I really do not know what it would be like. The thought of it makes me cringe more than Scooby Doo upon the sighting of a menacing monster. Ruh roh!

When I am not writing or am not busy in general with a disparate responsibility of some caliber, it is very likely that you will find me shooting some hoops near my crib or perched in front of the TV watching the Lakers or another local organization. In fact, it is probably more accurate to exhibit that it is astronomically likely.

At the time being, I am aspiring to ideally mash these interests together now that my academic career is officially in the refrigerator. English is something I do not take lightly, and, even supposing that I may never be walking out of the tunnel onto the Staples Center hardwood, ball more or less is life in this neck of the woods.